Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some People Have Kids; I Have This

25 Days of Christmas Blogging
Day 13

I just had Sonic for the first time in my whole life. As in ever. As in my whole life.

I think I already said that.

I'm not sure whether to feel awesome or disgusting.

So many emotions right now.

I think I'm going to vomit.

It's Champagne Thursday. I can't deal with blogging right now.

I love Christmas. Love it like whoa. I have a small house. The amount of Christmas decorations I cram in such a small place is probably illegal in seven countries.

Nevertheless, I have a 73 house Christmas village display. It is my pride and joy and I'm sharing it with you.

Please ooh and ahh appropriately.

I want to post more pictures but I'm cutting it close and am about to fail my goal of 25 Days of Christmas Blogging. And if I fail to reach my goal I'll feel like a big blogging failure and cry the ugly cry and no one, especially the husband who is trying to sleep right now, wants to deal with that.

Comment gem!
Ha! That is something I would do! Yes, you deserved your cookies just for THINKING about cleaning up mid-project


  1. What an awesome village! My mom used to have one and I really miss having it as part of our Christmas decorations..How long does it take you to put it up?

  2. So. Much. Ooohing! I LOVE the Fezziwig house with Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Past looking in the window. I have the North Pole Village and haven't put it up in 9 years. My son is 9. You do the math.

  3. First of all.. its been awhile, but I love that I can click onto your blog, & simply see the drawings at the top and begin to smile :) Second, uhm sonic? AWESOME! It's been one of my biggest cravings the last month or two.. and third = oh & ah? nono lady... Holy crap is more like it. I personally know oh to well how much goes in to setting up one of those towns... holy crap balls to you! My mother had a VERY small set.. like 10 little houses that she had gotten from her mother.. and only this year was I given the privlege of choosing one to take & start my own collection with.. and I must say, I am soooooooo Jelly of your miraculous collection. :)

  4. Ps - Your this post is GOING to be shown to my hubby so he knows what amazingness his future holds... the nightmares that will follow will be marvelous ;)

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  6. OH I love my villages. We had family friend once who had well over 500 houses and things. Her husband built bookshelves in their living room over 10 ft high and they started from the top all the way to mid level where they had tables that he had made special for the houses and what nots' She had from Bethlehem on one side to the NOrth Pole on the other. It was the most amazing and beautiful display I had ever seen.

  7. Wow, that's totally gorgeous!!!

  8. Great Christmas Balls of Plum Pudding! That is beautiful, and only mildly insane.

    How long does it take to create that masterpiece? And to DUST it?

    Merry Christmas, clearly have enough Christmas spirit to compensate for my lack of it this year!

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  10. Wow. That's all I can say.

    What's the zip code of this town?

  11. ooooohhhh....aaaahhhhh.
    that looks so serene and inviting.
    can I live there?


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