Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Cookie Extravaganza!

25 Days of Christmas Blogging
Day 7

Howdy there, Christmas Critters! 

Christmas Critters?

Yeah, I'm not really sure what that is. Am I calling you guys rodents? Maybe. But totally in a good way, because I happen to think rodents are adorable. For reals. I used to have pet rats.  

So, um, yeah.... The previous eight sentences are exactly why this blog should have an editor.

Anyway, I'm visiting my Mama this weekend for our Christmas Cookie Extravaganza! That's right folks, two Italian women in the kitchen for two and half days straight. The end of the world might be coming a little earlier than everyone expected.

Since I'm chest deep in cookie dough, I don't have much time for tonight's blog (just enough time to, you know, call you guys a totally affectionate way) so I bring you more pictures of animals in Santa hats. And, as an extra special treat tonight's edition will be hosted by the husband!

He's not usually this grumpy, you guys. I promise. Also, his poop comment makes more sense if you read yesterday's post.

Now, in honor of my fondness for rodents, the husband brings you rats in Santa hats! (click images for source)

Don't forget! I'm hosting a Blogger Ornament Exchange!
Send an ornament to another blogger, receive one from a mystery blogger. It's one part white elephant, one part secret santa, all parts AWESOME!
For more details read below or click here.

Send me an email to SarcasmGoddess (at) ymail (dot) com . Be sure to include your name, blog name and address.

I will randomly match up participants. You will know who you are sending the ornament to (duh!) but you will not know who will be receiving an ornament from. So it's one part white elephant, one part secret santa, all parts AWESOME!

  You can send any kind of ornament: wacky, tacky, silly or pretty. Just please try send something your recipient will actually want to hang it on their tree. (However, everyone should be prepared for the possibility that you may receive an ornament that doesn't quite fit your style/morals/life code, etc. The fun is in the exchange and the surprise of not knowing who your Secret Santa is and what you'll get!) You may want to consider sending something that represents your blog, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO. You can send any kind of ornament you want.

The deadline to participate is December 10th so that I have enough time to match everyone up and you guys have time to mail your ornaments before Christmas!

 Comment gems!
Poop free hugs are probably the best kind.

1. Stepping in poop in bare feet is so freaking gross. It happened to me one morning at 5 a.m. in the dark hallway. I still have not recovered.

2. Whenever I find pee or poop, I ask my two dogs, "Who did this? WHO? WHO POOPED?" They are like, "Mother, we see you are in a rage. Do our pitiful faces help you to forget your disbelief and disgust? I'm not sure, but I think the father did it."


  1. Yay! Cookies and rats. Two great things that...have absolutely nothing in common. Unless you're a rat that likes to eat cookies. Or a cookie in the shape of a rat.

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