Sunday, December 2, 2012

As Promised


 25 Days of Christmas Blogging
Day 2

Remember when I said this whole blogging for 25 days in a row thing will likely be a lot of pictures of animals in Santa hats? you go. (click images for source)

Such an animal.
Thanks, Ryan. That really means a lot. And also? Cheer up, buttercup. It's Christmas!

Don't forget! I'm hosting a Blogger Ornament Exchange!
Send an ornament to another blogger, receive one from a mystery blogger. It's one part white elephant, one part secret santa, all parts AWESOME!

If you want to participate, email me by December 10th. 
For more details read below or click here.

Send me an email to SarcasmGoddess (at) ymail (dot) com . Be sure to include your name, blog name and address.

I will randomly match up participants. You will know who you are sending the ornament to (duh!) but you will not know who will be receiving an ornament from. So it's one part white elephant, one part secret santa, all parts AWESOME!

  You can send any kind of ornament: wacky, tacky, silly or pretty. Just please try send something your recipient will actually want to hang it on their tree. (However, everyone should be prepared for the possibility that you may receive an ornament that doesn't quite fit your style/morals/life code, etc. The fun is in the exchange and the surprise of not knowing who your Secret Santa is and what you'll get!) You may want to consider sending something that represents your blog, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO. You can send any kind of ornament you want.
Comment gems!
DUDE! I'm in.
Apologies for the person who gets my ornament - Ohh, I have a plan! Bahaha. YAY!
To represent my blog, I'll send a custom photo ornament of.....myself? ;)


  1. I think I need to participate in this ornament exchange... but only if I can find a vagina or bacon ornament.


    email on the way!

  2. Is that a chinchilla? I couldn't blog 25 days if you paid me. GO FOR IT!

  3. Oh, an ornament exchange sounds like so much fun!

  4. Interestingly enough, I'm not usually turned on by ryan gosling... but something about the fact that he's not happy about wearing that santa hat... am i sadistic? Was that a sadistic thought?


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