Saturday, December 1, 2012

Are You Ready For a Miracle?

I love this time of year for so many reasons: the cookies, the parties, the Christmas lights, time with family and friends. But perhaps what I love most of all is the belief that anything is possible: reindeer can fly, a jolly fat man (who is not at all creepy even though his favorite pastime is spying on children) delivers presents to kids all around the world, consuming 14 dozen cookies won't make your badonkadonk resemble a vat of cottage cheese (that one's my favorite), and (for those of you who live in the tropics) if you dump a bucket of water off your roof the one day the temperature drops below freezing, it will turn to snow.

Riding on the coattails of that wide-eyed wonderment, I am going to attempt to do something on this blog I have never done before: Follow Through With A Goal. Twice I have set out to blog every day for a month and twice I have failed. Many of you are probably groaning out loud. Oh no, not this again. Hasn't she had enough failure?

Yes. Yes, I have. Well, I've had enough of the failure that comes with blogging every day for a month. The failure I have yet to experience is Blogging the 25 Days of Christmas!

You may have noticed today is December 1st, or maybe you're all meh, dates are stupid. I will not have my life ruled by a piece of paper with tiny boxes too small in which to write all the shit I don't actually plan to get done!

Word to your mother.
Regardless of your feelings about calendars, today is the first day of the last day of the month of this year which also happens to be the first day of my favorite month of any year, and since this is the season of miracles and believing in the unbelievable (please see examples above for further explanation of said phenomenon) I am going to blog every day from now until Christmas. I shall call it...

25 Days of Christmas Blogging!


Amazing title, isn't it? It came to me in a dream, like Stephanie Meyers and Twilight. I expect my millions to roll in any day now.

In case the title isn't clear, every post will have a Christmas theme. For those of you all, ugh, I cannot handle 25 days of holly jolly joy. Somebody stab me with a meat thermometer.

Don't worry, only some days will be joyful. There will still be snark and sarcasm (you can thank the Hallmark Channel for that). But mostly it will probably just be pictures of animals wearing Santa hats.

In order to get this party started all right and proper like, I have a very BIG announcement. Okay, it's not so much big as it is exciting. Exciting like whoa. Like, I think I just peed in my reindeer pajamas exciting.

A few years ago, my friend Mandy hosted an ornament exchange party. The idea is pretty simple, yet super awesome. Every guest brings a wrapped ornament and they are swapped white elephant style. The ornament can be wacky, tacky, pretty, or silly. We've done it for a few years, and I love all the memories that come when I place them on my tree each year.

I want to spread that joy across the blogisphere and host a Blogger Ornament Exchange!

This is how it will work:

Send me an email to SarcasmGoddess (at) ymail (dot) com saying you want to participate. Be sure to include your name, blog name and address.

I will randomly match up participants. You will know who you are sending the ornament to (duh!) but you will not know who will be receiving an ornament from. So it's one part white elephant, one part secret santa, all parts AWESOME!

As mentioned, you can send any kind of ornament. You can do tacky if you really want to, but try not to make it too hideous so your recipient will actually want to hang it on their tree. You may want to consider sending something that represents your blog. For example, The Robot Mommy could send a robot ornament; Coffee Lovin' Mom could send a coffee ornament; Just Jennifer could send a roller coaster; Diaper Dads could send diapers...or you know...whatever.

***If you can't find one that represents your blog, no worries! It can be anything! I've got my eye on a purple elephant...and a peacock...and a snowman. How will I decide!****

The deadline to participate is December 10th so that I have enough time to match everyone up and you guys have time to mail your ornaments before Christmas!

I hope you all participate! And tell your bloggy friends. The more the merrier!

Comment gems!

I scream at other drivers from pretty much the second I get my seatbelt fastened. If I don't teach my kids anything other than how to spot an idiot on the road, I'd say I've done my job. 

I'm surprised someone hasn't already patented that anal gun-string mechanism and called it something like "The Lone Ranger's Backdoor Load Shooter."


  1. I would love to do this, but I don't know what kind of ornament would represent my blog other than a freakin' Bible (yes, I said "freakin' Bible" cuz I'm a heathen like that), since so many people seem to think I write a Christian blog. If I think of something, I'll send my info.

    1. It doesn't have to be blog related! It can be anything: a snowman, a pig, an angel, BACON! Anything!

    2. OK, I'm in. E-mailing you my info now.

  2. Woo hoo! This sounds like fun - and we can't wait to see you achieve your goal, we miss you when you aren't around these parts..I know I'm not only speaking for myself

  3. This is awesome. I will participate!

    1. Yay yay yay! Don't forget to email me! (I know I already have your address, I just want to keep track of everyone via email).

  4. This sounds fantastic! I can't wait to play! I'm going to my favorite ornament store on Monday, so I'll pick something up. I'll email you in a few.

  5. To represent my blog, I'll send a custom photo ornament of.....myself? ;)

  6. Oh boy.....OK, how can I deny you? You know how much I love you. And, you've promised me cookies. Believe me, I'm not letting you off the hook!

  7. DUDE! I'm in.
    Apologies for the person who gets my ornament - Ohh, I have a plan! Bahaha. YAY!!

  8. 25 days of Christmas blogging sounds like an awful lot of work, especially this time of year, wish you luck.

  9. I tried to put a santa hat on one of my dogs and she ate it.

  10. I'm totally in! I'll have a super unique ornament - as unique as they all are. Muhahaha!

  11. Yes! Yes! Yes! Fab idea! I'm so in. I shall be sending you my details. :) Happy 25 Days of Blogging, my friend!


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