Monday, April 16, 2012

Naughty or Nice?

Today is a very special day. Perhaps THE MOST special day in the A to Z challenge. Today is the birthday of a very dear bloggy friend...

Just Jennifer!

Probably the very best thing to come of out of this crazy bloggy business (besides all of you telling me what pretty, shiny hair I have) is "meeting" other amazing bloggers. Just Jennifer is one of those bloggers.

I'm not really sure where or how I met Jen or as I like to call her, Just Plain Awesome, but we reached BFF status right away. Or maybe the correct term is BBFF - Best Bloggy Friend Forever.

If you know Jen, you know she's been through some pretty heavy stuff lately. If anyone deserves a Just Plain Awesome Birthday, it's this girl.

In order to give Jen a proper bloggy birthday, I asked a few bloggy friends (who are also amazing people that I have had the crazy pleasure - and I do mean cra-ha-zy {Vagina Shenanigans and labia legwarmers come to mind} - to get to know.

The theme for Jen's bday celebration is, of course, naughty or nice? As in, should Jen be naughty or nice on her birthday? We all know Jen has a proclivity for the naughty. Remember that whole lick something debacle, which actually turned out to be "show me something" and then tons of bloggers thought Jen was asking them to show her their naughty bits, but what she actually meant was that we were supposed to show her where we do our blogging?

Confused? You're not the only one. There was mass hysteria and the world almost imploded.

But that's how it is with Jen. She's wild and crazy. But also funny and sweet and supportive and down-right amazing.

So without further ado, here are a few birthday wishes for you Jen, from some of your Snoop Bloggity Blog friends.

From Jenn at Fox in the City
My dearest Jen,
Today on your birthday I am overcome with the need to express to you just how amazingly nice you are!  In the new fangled dictionary beside the word amazing is a picture of you.  You, my dear Jen with one “n” are simply the picture of strength, grace, positivity and just plain awesomeness.  Enjoy this birthday!  Go forth and drink too much wine . . . each too much cake . . . . and do a little sexy dance for Mark . . .  NAKED!!
Love Jenn aka Fox in the City

From Rach at Life Ever Since
Ok, part 1:  Neither naughty nor nice.  But knitting.  As in more legwarmers and let's add some fingerless gloves to complete the look.  Wear around town, esp at your children's schools.

Part 2:  Happy Birthday to my friend Jen.  Jen, you are kind, sincere and an incredibly strong woman who, even during difficulties, still manages to stay sane and graceful.  I liked you before, but I really grew to love and respect you after reading about your recent struggle with Mark's health.  I love seeing what a strong wife and mother you've become and am very proud of you.

From Stasha at The Good Life
Happy 26th Birthday Jen. Again. I think very soon and definitely before you turn a year older you should make your way up to our island. Once here I will treat you nice, like great friends should be! I might even take you to our Starbucks for some naughty handsome barista spying. So hurry up!

Photo by Stasha

From Dr. G. (Deborah Gilboa, MD) at Ask Doctor G

For your birthday I think you should indeed be a little naughty. After all, your lives for the past few months have been a roller coaster, and you've had to focus on the needs of everyone else. So here is my naughty (and slightly sneaky suggestion).

You have wishes and desires and nobody can make them come true if you don't speak up. So as lovely things occur to you today you're going to Need them. At the beginning of your day I hope you'll say to Mark and the kids, "Everybody, today I have Needs. K?" Just for today Jen, anything you want is a Need! Feel like a foot rub? "Hey, I Need a foot massage!" A cup of your favorite coffee from across town? Shout it out! Total piece and quiet to noodle around on the internet or watch brain candy TV? Speak up with your Need! Your family wants to pamper you and you Need it so let 'em know.

Here is my birthday wish for you. I know that you have huge stores of strength and love for whatever life throws at you. I wish for you that this year be a year of storing strength rather than needing it, of hoarding love and happiness, of stockpiling fun and great health.  Thank you for the friendship you have given me so freely despite having never met!

Much love,

From Amy at Coffee Lovin' Mom
My well seasoned birthday advice to Jen would be:


never never never

and I mean NEVER

(I can't really stress enough nevers in this situation) do a bunch of shots of Goldschlager and try to sing karaoke on your birthday - you will be the suckiest singer there, even if you're normally soberly pretty decent and you may inadvertently grab the wheel of the sober person driving on the ride home, ending up in a ditch or possibly fall up the stairs - twice. ALSO?  NEVER under any circumstance try a drink called the Three Wise Men - ever.  We're talking keys locked in the car, lost earrings and people having to assist your every move only to remind you how completely stupid you were the night before when you wake up wearing someone else's pants the next morning.  Wait, there's one more - if someone dares you to buy any hard liquor that is over 100 proof, just pass (unless it's a triple dog dare and you can't)...really it's not worth being told that you beat the crap out of your cousin (for being a slut), ruining her glasses or having the Southern Comfort flu until the following evening.  Not that I have ever had *ahem* personal experience (there is no photographic evidence) with any of these situations but I guess this would mean you should be nice instead of naughty.

Jen, you deserve the best birthday EVAH - I hope your day is Tony the Tiger GRRRrrrrrRReat!!!

From Scotty at Dads Who Change Diapers
Happy Birthday to the newest member of the Diaper Dads Rogue Gallery of Awesomeness! Welcome aboard. And remember, always use your powers for the forces of good.
Awesome Image by Scotty

And from Kristi at The Robot Mommy
For Jen's birthday, she definitely needs to say F*CK YOU to the rain and yuck that has been taking up her precious time and energy.

Go grab her polka dotted socks because studies show polka dots reduce stress, make you say the word "fuzzy" more and is the best part of sex because you leave THEM on!!

After your sex romp in your dots, you have a dirty martini robot mommy style ( that's extra olive juice and 6 olives- I are 3 before this pic was taken)
Most of all, have a bitchin' birthday and remember you are loved!

From Me:
My Dearest Just Plain Awesome Girl,

You should be a little bit naughty and a little bit nice. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. A little bit salty, a little bit sweet. And if Bon Jovi shows up at your doorstep to serenade you, well...I leave that completely up to you to decide what to do.

I hope one day we get to meet in real life. But until then, I will enjoy our twitter/blog/facebook conversations and Draw Something/Words With Friends games...sometimes all the same time.

You are truly the best and I hope your day is filled with nothing but fabulousness.

Love ya, girl!

So, my peoples. What do you think? Should Jen be naughty or nice?

What is the nicest thing you've ever done (or had done for you on your birthday)? What is the naughtiest thing you've ever done (why do I having a feeling I'm going to regret asking that question?)?

Spoiler Alert: If you didn't play green glass doors with us on Saturday (first of all, why not?) and still want to play don't read what's next...

The rule is that you can be any word that has a double letter in it. So you can be a grEEn glaSS dOOr. You can be an aPPle but not a banana. You can wish Just JeNNifer HaPPy but you can't wish her birthday.

And now for some gems of things people could and couldn't be yesterday:

Yana Verbitskaia: You can be almost any member of the cast of Jersey Shore, except for The Situation and Pauly D. Amazing.

Pish Posh: Well as I know all too well I can be poor but I can't be rich. I can be a puppy and I can poop and pee but I sure as shit can't be a cat.

Super Earthling: Oh yeah…piece of cake. Here’s mine: You can be a clueless moron like Super Earthling who hasn’t figured out the key to this damn game—but you can’t be a chocolate covered pretzel because--ha-ha--I just ate them all and there aren’t any left.

Word of the Day:
nonplus: to render utterly perplexed; puzzle completely



  1. Naughtiest thing I have ever done on birthday - it's a shame it's so easy. Age 21, US border withing driving distance, club of the strip variety.
    Nicest thing I ever did?
    Made them pull over for singles ;)

    Happy Birthday to a super, awesome, I'd give her all my coffee and bacon, gal! Much love Jennifer!

  2. Jen is so awesome and this is an awesome b'day gift which make you goddess awesome too! Happy birthday Jen,the superpower knitter superhero!!

    1. I'm feeling very inspired to pick up my needles now!

  3. OH MY GOD! I know I bugged you about my birthday but I never expected you to actually do something THIS!

    It's cuz you're my sister from another mother (or something like that) and you knew I'd love it.

    But seriously, I feel so blessed to have been able to meet you all and be a part of an awesome bloggy community. And Scotty!Yarn bombed? OMG! :-D

    I SO need to finish those darn legwarmers! I'm a slacker.


    1. Awww, that is really sweet! My BFF is Jenn too (another one) and I have to say that I think Jenn's are pretty awesome. So have a nicely naughty birthday! Don't let your nether bits get you down!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kristi! I actually had to touch my monitor cuz the dots on the socks looked fuzzy! I don't know if you did something special, or it's my fuzzy vision. Either way, it was cool!

  5. Happy Birthday Jen! I hope it's the best ever after you've gone through so much lately. I say be a little naughty and a little nice!

  6. Even though I can be a lame bloggy friend sometimes and didn't get around to doing this, you know I love ya! Have an awesome day!

    1. Yes, you brought me coffee and flowers IRL. That was just as nice of a surprise as this is!

  7. Happy Birthday Jennifer! Be naughty. Let yo' hair down!

  8. Happy Birthday Jennifer!! Lick away!

  9. Stopped ove from a-z, and this sure looks like a fun place to hang out!

    1. Oh it is a fun place, and The Sarcasm Goddess is a most excellent hostess!

  10. Hello, Sarcasm Goddess! This is such a sweet post. Jennifer is lucky to have a BBFF like you! Heading on over to Jennifer's blog to wish her a happy (belated) birthday!

    Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!

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