Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just For Fun

Just for fun, let's take a tour of some of my Pinterest boards. Oh, relax it won't be that boring. And no, this is not my shameless attempt at trying to harass seduce you into following me over there. To prove it, I didn't even link any of the previous words to my page.

I really should wait until "P" day for this post, but instead of approaching this challenge with planning and purpose, I'm flying by the seat of my assless chaps.

When I first joined Pinterest I was SUPER EXCITED and INCREDIBLY ADDICTED although I had no idea why. I spent 97 bajillion hours creating color themed boards: Hello Yellow! Think Pink! Green with Envy! and pinned a bunch of stuff that fell into the appropriate color category. It was rip-roaring good fun. But that was months ago and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with any of that now.

The best use I have found for Pinterest is pinning hilarious and/or snarky sayings and animals. Yes, animals can be snarky.

Here are some of my faves. If you find even one of these remotely funny or shout "oh, heck yes!" then congratulations, I am your friend for life. Yay, you.

Have I mentioned lately that I love you people? For seriousness, I do. The fact that you are sticking to me through this challenge means you are grade A superstars. Either that or we should stop wrestling in syrup.

Get it? Stick to me. Syrup.

Oh fine, that wasn't funny. They can't all be winners, people. It's called a challenge for a reason.

Now for some people who are winners, here are today's comment gems (just so we're clear, every comment is a gem and the fact that you take the time chat with me makes me want to pee my pants and lick your face. if that's not incentive for leaving a comment, I don't know what is.)

J. Day: You went to see Jake Owen? I hate you. And I swear I saw a Luke Bryan reference somewhere else. I hate you even more. I would LOVE to see them. Especially Luke.

Anyone who can make me feel so loved by telling me they hate me is a winner in my book. Thanks, J.Day.
Brett Minor: That was great. I hope there are more to come.

Flattery will get you everywhere.

Quote of the Day:
Pick one from the above. I think I'm going to go with the one about pooping in the hallway.

Word of the Day:
jettison: throw away or over 


  1. I officially adore the last one about opinions. Although the poop in the hallway made me laugh out loud at work. I work in a quiet office. Thanks for that.

    (You really shouldn't let me read your blog at work.)

  2. Listen, I buy invisible shit at the grocery store all the time. What are you trying to say? ;)

  3. I hope something eats you! now that is pure Awesomeness

  4. love that cat saving chairs! LMAO
    a cat could get away with that...a dog never.

    oh, and do ingnore the lime green crocs...I've been taking pictures of my emerging garden. i have no other excuse

  5. I want that croc one oil painted and hanging above my mantle. I seriously LOL'd. For realz.

  6. I like this crazy everyday blogging over here. giggling on a daily basis can count as exercise.

  7. I really like the one about shoving insult on paper in an envelope up the ass. lol SO many people I could say that too. You know, if I still worked with them.

    And the one about the crocs - horrible shoes, really. The only time I've heard them praised is by those wearing them. lol

  8. Those are hilarious! They almost make me want to revisit the whole Pinterest thing (DAMN YOU).

  9. I always say "how was everything?" when someone comes up to pay (we have a restaurant)
    One day this guy said "well I didn't try EVERYTHING but what I had was great"!!

  10. These made me laugh out loud!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!! My sides! Love, love, love the dog reporting about the poop in the hallway and the bored mom and the seat-saving cat. These are awesome. How am I JUST now following your blog? You will forgive me, yes?

  11. Hello, I found you through the A to Z Challenge and I just wanted to say I loved this post!

    I am seriously addicted to Pinterest's kinda scary ;).

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

  12. Great collection! I haven't succumbed to Pinterest yet - I know I will get sucked in. It sort of reminds me of clipping out cool pics from the Spiegel catalog with my friends when we were 12 - we would "create" our dream rooms and wardrobes. LOL

  13. OMG, the do what I told you to one and the cat one and, and....SO FUNNY! I must pin them!

  14. These were pretty damn funny. Thanks for the ((((: SG!

  15. Hahah those are awesome! I don't do pinterest, but I don't mind reading the funny ones you've picked out. I'm like a super lazy pinner.

  16. Love this post! Thanks for making me laugh...hard. :)

  17. Girl, you got a wicked good sense of humor.

  18. I don't believe that you did mention how much you love us, actually. Let's hear it.

  19. This is the type of the I pin on Pinterest...really, as if I don't think of most of these things myself, although I don't think I've encountered the "pooping in the hallway" either with our dog OR on Pinterest. I didn't make me belch a laugh...out loud, even! And it reminds me of the time our dog pooped in the bedroom. During the night. With diarrhea. But, that might actually be a story for a blog post. Thanks for the laughs. Loved them!

  20. As long as you don't lick my pants and pee my face.

    We'd both be sad.

    my pants are dirty

  21. I really should do something with my Pinterest... I don't pin enough stuff.

  22. I'll admit it, I laughed. Good post. Very entertaining.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding

  23. Oh, oh, oh! I have the crocs one of my all time faves. I think I have some of the other ones you have up there too, but I've seen almost all of them because Pinterest is the white suburban 30-something girl's crack. For realz. Throw a little wine in the mix, and you've got yourself the perfect evening.

  24. The cat biting the dog always makes me laugh, but the cat saving the chairs was a new one. And ecards are always fantastic. I may have to follow you.

    Swinging through from the A to Z page. Good luck on the rest of the challenge!

  25. I love that last image SO MUCH! I feel like I should put that on a business card, I say it so damn much...

  26. The ecard pins really put what I'm thinking into a pretty little package

  27. Thanks for the laughs. I know I have a few of these on my boards over there, but once I pin it, I never ever go back and look at it..Why do I even bother?

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