Friday, April 27, 2012

And Then I Sliced Off My Finger

Hey, hey, hey, guess where I'm playing today?

I'm over at Studio30 Plus talking about the rights of humans to keep their internal organs. Or something. You should go read it and tell me for sure. I wrote it yesterday but I forgot already. Probably due to the massive amounts of blood loss I'm currently experiencing.

Remember awhile ago when I said I wanted to make a quilt? Well now I am and everything was going well (shocking, I know) until I sliced my finger open on the rotary cutter. I wasn't even using it. It was just sitting on the table and I reached for some fabric and BOOM! Sliced finger!

It didn't really hurt and I barely noticed it but a few minutes later I looked down and my finger is spewing blood. I probably need stitches but that would require putting on a bra and pants and leaving my house. I think I'll just consult WebMD; however, they'll probably just tell me I'm having a panic attack.

Honestly, WebMD is so unhelpful. Awhile ago I asked them what it means that my pee smells like Cheerios. It spit out a bunch of articles about kids doing strange and/or hilarious things and none of them involved pee and/or Cheerios.

Way to blame the victim, WebMD.

Anyway, you really should go read my post at Studio30 Plus. And please leave a comment so I don't look like a loser with no friends. Correction, a loser with a blood-spewing finger and Cheerio-smelling pee who has no friends.


  1. I feel your pain hon, I once sliced off the tip of my right index finger with a mandolin slicer while making scalloped potatoes. :(

    Feel better soon sweetie!!

  2. It's a good thing you didn't lose an arm, those quilting injuries can get rather brutal. Perhaps you should elevate that's not THAT finger is it?
    Hope you feel better and didn't lose too much blood.

  3. Look on the bright side, you can use your quilt to wrap your finger and stop it from bleeding, then you can use it to mop up the pools of blood. That's why you're making the quilt right? For emergencies such as this. Smart!

    Off to Studio 30 Plus.

  4. hopefully i will not sound like too much of a drama queen king person but if the blood is still escaping despite applying a reasonable amount of pressure on your finger do get it checkd , now i feel silly writing that off to studio 30 !

  5. I wanted to leave a comment in your awesome post, but alas, I cannot. They wanted me to register for their site first, and, of course I didn't read the terms of use or anything, but something makes me think there's an age requirement that I don't quite make.

    Anywho, I just wanted to say how awesome it is that the homeless people in San Fran are so friendly. Out here, they just beg you for money, and don't even stop to consider that you might have enjoyed looing up hepatitis of the hair in WebMD. Selfish bastards...

  6. Wow. I feel like it's all my fault. That's why I suggested on Twitter that your husband does the cutting for you. But I know it's not my fault. It's his fault. You can run with that if you wish.

    At least you know the blade was clean. It's not like it was a rusty box cutter that homeless people, worse yet--drug addicts--were using to perform surgery on each other. Feel better. Hope you've at least put a Band-Aid on it by now.

  7. Ahh this reminded me of the time I grabbed the blade of a Ninja. The blender, not the fighting kind. I reached in the dark corner of my cupboard and grabbed it twice because once wasn't enough. So at least you're smarter than me... I know what you mean about not really feeling it!

    WedMD sucks.

    FYI, i linked you up :) love love loooove

  8. Those rotary cutters can getcha! Ouch!

  9. I was really hoping you were gonna leave an answer to the Cheerios pee. Mine sometimes smells like chicken noodle soup and I'm worried now.
    Should I be concerned or should I upload hilarious videos of my child?

    1. Your child or your pee?

      Drink water :)

  10. Owie. I used to grate my knuckled every time I grated cheese. It was not great. Now someone else always grates. It's great.

    Cheerios and Chicken noodle soup are both over-salted pee pee that means you need to drink wa wa.

  11. You are hilarious. Also, I have a gross scar on my hand from a cut I didn't want to stitch for that exact reason.

  12. I've give a finger but that's rude and we're pals.

    Oh, wait you meant an actual finger not an eff you bird one.

    Off to read your post, Goddess. Good luck with your extremities.

  13. I don't mean to alarm you, but my pee always seemed to smell like cheerios when I was pregnant.

    well, if you weren't having a panic attack, I suppose you are now. sorry about that.

    but I bet your cut finger is suddenly no big deal now, right? LOL
    off to read your post.


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