Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Think the Word You're Looking for is, Sickness

Remember when it was Christmas and I wrote all these awesome sausage Christmas posts and showed you my super duper cool Christmas decorations?


And remember when, instead, I sat on my ass and tried to see how many cookies I could shove into my face at one time?

Let's pretend that never happened shall we...

Although the holidays are long behind us I wanted to share a little hobby of mine.  An obsession really.  And (as I read in a comment on a blog post somewhere once) it's better to be late than pregnant. 

With that thought in mind, I give you...

The Sarcasm Goddess Christmas Village

My poison of choice is Department 56 Dickens Village.  When I was growing up my father collected the buildings and accessories and I would sit in the dark and stare at the lighted village and a part of me would be sad.  Because I wanted to shrink down and walk amongst the cobbled streets, my petticoats collecting snow and sludge, basket hung from one arm visiting the costermongers selling their wares.

More than sadness, though, I loved it.  And dreamed of one day having a collection of my own.

A year or two after the husband I got married, my dad bought me four buildings and their coordinating accessories.  Four years later it has grown to this.  Sixty-four houses and hundreds of accessories.

I must confess, not all the pieces are mine.  My dad moved into a smaller house this year and asked me to store his pieces and I figured, if I'm going to store 'em I might as well, display 'em, right!  He tells me all the pieces are now mine, but it makes me sad to think he will never display it again so I still say the pieces are his.  There are approximately ten other pieces not displayed because I ran out of room.  Guess we'll just have to buy a bigger house.

I created the backdrop from Styrofoam, painted on the mountains, "sculpted" the peaks at the top and attached blue lights to the back to create The Glow.
Oooh ahhh

Somewhere under the display is our dining room table.  Along with two six foot tables and a custom table the husband and I built.

I also created, carved and painted several levels and platforms.  I have no idea where we're going to store those.

 Several of the pieces are animated.  The one on the left shows Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Past looking in on Fezziwig's Ballroom.  The figurines in the window dance.

You may now commence praise and awe.


  1. Oh. My. Lord. I've never seen anything quite like this before. My mouth is agape and I am in awe. That's quite an awesome hobby/obsession. It's beautiful!

  2. Awwww, we have a little snow village too but not that big. Beautiful!

  3. Awesome!! I wanna shrink too! But since I can't, I'll be the angry giant that tromps through the village destroying it until they sacrifice virgins to appease me.

  4. Holy Crap! That's...dedication!

    And obviously getting a bigger house is the solution. I mean, you can't just stop when you run out of room. Think of future generations. They need this!

  5. You should put little surprises in the village. You know... people doing it doggy style in front of the post office... stuff like that.

  6. Now I'm really sad I'm not three inches tall. I want to live there!!

  7. Wow, that is so awesome!!! I've never seen anything like this before - consider my jaw resting on the floor :)What an amazingly cool hobby :D (or is that a calling?)



  8. That is incredible. Truly.

    I'm impressed with you and your abilities. That's just amazing.

  9. This is an awesome village. You seem pretty crafty, perhaps you should be in pinterest? LOL


  10. Holy cow, lady! That's one helluva village! I thought my aunt had the world's largest Christmas village, but nope...it's you. You have the world's largest Christmas village. My mom is gonna be so disappointed to learn hers sucks.

  11. I am totally in awe. That was very sweet of your dad, but look at you making the mountains and such! You ought to leave that up year round.


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