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The Note

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Chapter Four - The Note

I usually spent seventh period study hall in the library.  Technically, I didn’t have to stay at school – the benefits of being a senior – but I wasn’t exactly eager to go home.

I grabbed a book from a cart of returns waiting to be re-shelved and went to my favorite table by the window.  I flipped open the book, but instead of reading the words on the page, I read the scribblings on the table.

Matt wuz here.

Amanda O’Leary class of ’08.

I love Hunter Davis.

J.B. and A.S. 4ever.

I reached into my backpack for a pen and contemplated my greatest act of rebellion.

“Hey.”  John startled me mid “D” and the result was a long streak of ink across the table.  It seemed fitting somehow, that this was the mark I would leave on Franklin High.

He sat down and flung his backpack on the table.  “Care if I do my homework here?”

I shrugged, picked up the book and scrunched low in the hard plastic chairs, pretending to read while ignoring the racehorses suddenly thundering in my chest.

John grabbed a text book and notepaper from his bag.  A loud crack of thunder made us both jump and look out the window.

“Wow, it’s really coming down,” I murmured.

“You want to go run in it?”

I looked at John, his green eyes dancing playfully.  “In the rain?”



“Why not?”

“I don’t want to get wet.”

“You only like getting wet if it involves skinny dipping?”  He smiled and I raised my book to cover my face, sinking lower in my chair.

“That must be a really long page.”  John said a few minutes later.

I flipped the page.

“You’re going to get a reputation of being a stalker, you know.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.”  I turned the page again.  "The dock, the picnic table, now the library.  If I go missing, you’re going to be a person of interest.”  I turned another page, the sound of the paper cutting through the air disturbed the silence like a bullet from a gun.

John laughed, warranting a look from Mrs. Hildcrest.  “What if I go missing with you?”

I dropped the book on the table in a futile effort to stall the hammering in my chest.  “Shouldn’t you be lifting weights or something right now?”

John raised his eyebrows.  “You know what I normally do during seventh period?  Who’s the stalker now?”


“Darcy!”  I looked up to see Annabeth standing wide-eyed behind John.  Is that John Campbell? she mouthed.

Yes, I mouthed and had to suck in my cheeks to keep from laughing at John’s confused look.

He followed my eyes over his shoulder.

“Hey John!” Annabeth squealed.


“Annabeth,” I supplied, rolling my eyes.

“Right.  Well, I have to go.”  John gathered his stuff and stood up.  “See you, Darcy.”  He slid a folded paper across the table, smiled at Annabeth and walked away.

“Oh Em Geee!” Annabeth collapsed in the seat John had just vacated.  “John Campbell was sitting with you.  What did he want?”

I shrugged and cupped the note, hoping she wouldn’t notice.  “Who knows?  He’s…weird.”

“Weird like how?”  Annabeth watched John walk out the door and sighed.  “Oh who cares, he’s gorgeous.”

“Annabeth!  I thought Adam was the man of your dreams.”

Annabeth wiggled in her chair.  “I really like him.  Like, really like him, but I wouldn’t go that far.
Besides even if he was the man of my dreams, John is the stuff fantasies are made of.  Do you think he looks as good naked as everyone imagines he does?” she asked, lowering her head conspiratorially.

The image of John stripping on the dock flashed through my mind, turning my cheeks to fire.  I looked down to hide my blush.  “Probably.”

Annabeth’s backpack vibrated.  She checked to make sure Mrs. Hildcrest was occupied with another student before pulling her phone out and reading the text.

She smiled and shoved her phone back in her backpack.  “Adam.  He’s taking me to dinner tonight.”

“Cool. Where you going?”

“Giavanni’s .”


“I know.”  Annabeth wiggled her eyebrows.  “You know what that means.”


“I need to buy condoms on the way home!”

“Annabeth!” I glanced at Mrs. Hildcrest who gave me a disapproving look.  I lowered my voice.  “You’ve been dating what?  A week?  And you’re already going to sleep with him?”

“Well, no.  I mean, maybe.”


“I’m kidding!  I just want to be prepared.  You know, just in case.”

“Just in case he accidentally ends up inside you?”

“Exactly,” Annabeth giggled.  “And you can’t just leave that stuff to the guys.  Adam’s probably had the same condom in his wallet since seventh grade.”

The bell rang, signaling the end of the day.  Annabeth jumped up, grabbing her backpack.  “I’ll let you know what happens.”

“See ya.  Be good.”

“I won’t,” Annabeth laughed over her shoulder.

I watched her leave and waited until the library was empty before unfolding the note from John.  I took a quick look around to ensure I was alone before reading what he wrote.

I’m going to the dock tonight.


  1. You leave me in such suspense at the end of these!!! Ugh, this is like every girl's high school day dream haha. Your writing is very engaging and hate it when I get to the end!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH, I'm hooked!!!! Love it! Can't wait to read more!!!! I love your writing voice. LOVE. I think I actually just said, "ARGH!" out loud, cuz I loved it so much.

  3. Don't go, Darcy! It's a trick! I can't decide. I'm so confused...

  4. Silent stalker. . . of Young Boy DanAugust 16, 2011 at 4:17 PM

    J&D once every 2 months is not enough! When is the book coming out?

  5. Heh heh... No need to be silent.... Heh heh...

  6. Soooooo happy you posted j& d again:) you have so many followers now, I'm a bit self conscious to post comments. Hopefully no one is worried about getting a stalker either. They need to understand that young boy Dan just attracts that kind of attention. Takes one to know one... I guess.


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