Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Can Totally Relate

Have you guys seen the previews for that new show?  The one with the people and the baby, you know, that guy from, um some movie.


Hold on, I'll go look it up...

Okay, it's called Up All Night.  It has Christina Applegate and Will Arnett and a baby.

You know what I'm talking about?  It doesn't really matter if you do.  This post will be equally lame whether you know what I'm talking about or not.

It's not my fault that it will be lame.  Because the voices?  They're gone, you guys.  On any given day I have 47,000 voices running through my head.  Yes, it is loud.  But also entertaining.  And now they are gone.  And I am lonely.  And have nothing to write about.  Except how I can relate to a tv show I haven't even seen yet.

The husband and I were eating dinner, cooked by yours truly in a fit of insanity, and there was a preview for Up All Night.

The husband: I can't decide if that show's going to be funny.  I suppose if I had a baby I could relate and it would be hilarious.  Actually, if it's about how they're tired all the time, then I can totally relate.

Me: If it's about how they feel like their life is out of control, their house is always a mess, they never have time for anything, they have no balance in their life and they're tired all the time, then I can totally relate.

You know what's great about relating your out of control life to a tv show?  At the end of the day, the director says cut, and the actors abandon the out of control life they just portrayed, do a happy little jig, and scoot on home to their rich, private cook, housekeeper, nanny, personal masseuse, personal trainer life and are never tired.  I assume.  Cuz I'm in a the-grass-is-greener kind of mood.

I'll probably end up deleting this post because it's so lame.  But I guess if you're reading it, I didn't delete it.  Hahahahahaha.  That was so funny.

I'm losing it. 

Actually, I've already lost it.  I have nothing left to write about.  No funny.  No short stories.  From now on this blog will consist of me outlining the details of my sock drawer.  It probably won't be as awesome as it sounds.  Or maybe it will be.  We'll just have to wait and see.

With breath that is bated,* we shall see.

*Name the tv show that line is from and win a totally awesome prize!  If I can't keep you guys coming back with the totally awesome content that is no longer this blog, then I will have to bribe you with prizes.  And you guys know how awesome my prizes are.

P.S. Please don't unfollow me because of this crapiness.  I promise I will get my funny back.  If I have to pee my pants in public, throw myself down the stairs, molest a stranger or drug the husband so he makes out with household furniture in his sleep, I will get my funny back.


  1. You're funny. Did you see that little mark at the end? You didn't? Well, let me try again. You're funny Period! And anyone who can keep me reading on a post they consider lame, won't loose a single follower. And while I do love those voices clamoring away in your head, you do just fine flying solo too. :>

  2. I just found this blog recently and could use some major funny after....well we won't go there.

    But trust me I'll wait around until your funk un-funks and you get your mojo back.

    Feel better lady!

  3. I saw the preview for that show and it was SO TRUE. And with Will Arnett, it's sure to be funny.

  4. Goddamit! Between you and Fox being in blogging funks I just don't know what to do! Perhpas the end is near.

    (And now I kinda feel bad about teasing you in my blog, except what I'm reasing you about happened before the funk settled in, so maybe I don't feel all that bad.)

    I heart you!

  5. Well now, I was going to comment on how I was right there with ya but JJ just beat me to the punch!!

    We will get our blogging mojo back. We shed the weight of worry about "who" might be reading and just write all the crazy shit that floats around in our head.

    Yes my dear SG, we will get through this together . . . either that or we will start a blog together that will focus on how we lost our mojo so that other's can learn from us. ;)

  6. If Stella got her Groove Back, you can too (ok, slightly different point there...but still)
    No one is leaving you dear. Of course, if they did...we have enough combined personalities to cover the losses.
    I'm with everyone else. I luh yew and even a post that in YOUR words wasn't funny, I giggled a bit. Cause I TOTALLY relate to the TV show point you started with. Cause I did the same mental assessment, and since I've not mothered an infant, relatability is down...but they're funny...and it IS about being overstretched, and I'm QUEEN there...
    Regardless. I get you. It's never gonna bother me if you THINK you're funny broke or something. You'll snap back.

  7. Silent Stalker of Young Boy DanAugust 30, 2011 at 2:39 PM

    Now where is that unfollow button. . .

  8. --Funny you should mention that show... Mr. L. and I saw the preview, too, and I said "That looks Soo damn funny!"
    This line is Fab: "cause the voices? They're gone." Who are you? You crack me up.

  9. I'm SO looking forward to that show. Mostly because I haven't slept in basically 8 years and because of that my taste in what I watch has gone downhill dramatically!!

  10. Go get some sleep. Then come back to writing. Your best is yet to come. Lover you!

  11. Is it just me, or does Will Arnett kinda look like a serial killer/rapist?

  12. Well I tell you I'm excited for that show. Because it is my life and that is sad.

  13. That TV show is funny. Or, I mean, is going to be funny. Maybe. But you. You're definitely still funny. Will Arnett is awesome.

  14. Look how much better your after picture looks than the before picture. Nice going! And think of the per cent body weight you lost with 3 lbs. It's not like your are starting at 200 lbs.


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