Friday, July 15, 2011

Sweet Surrender

I took a few weeks off, but I'm excited to be linking back up with Romantic Friday Writers.  This week's prompt was Surrender.  I instantly thought of one of my favorite songs: That Summer by Garth Brooks. Talk about surrender!
  I was only 15 words over the 400 word limit. Win!
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Sweet Surrender

She shouldn't have come here.  She was fifteen years his senior.  Twenty if she was being honest. 

She gnawed her lip and ran a hand over her shirt, but like the wrinkles on her face, the lines stayed in place.

She rang the bell and sucked in her breath.  He opened the door and she forgot all about the ceramic bowl clutched between her white-knuckled hands and her fabricated reason for being there.  He was shirtless. Jeans that looked older than he was and as worn as she felt, rested low on his hips.  Her eyes traveled down his hard torso.  She hadn't seen a body like his since, well, since she'd watched him mow the lawn from her kitchen window that afternoon.  But that was from twenty yards away, at least.  Seeing him up close and personal was a full-blown assault to her senses. 


She jerked her head up.

"Everything okay?"

She nodded.

"Want to come in?"


She stepped inside and he closed the door behind her.

"Want a beer?"


She followed him to the kitchen taking in the distinctly male surroundings. Magazines were splayed haphazardly on a makeshift coffee table of milk crates and plywood.  Clothes were tossed over the backs of chairs.  He'd moved in four weeks ago, but boxes still lined the hallways and filled the corners.

He grabbed two Bud Lights from the fridge, twisted off the caps and took a step toward her, bottle extended.

She remembered the bowl between her hands and thrust it forward.  "Sugar.  I need sugar.  For a cup...a cake, a cupcake cake.  It's a cake made you have any?"

He set the beers on the tiled island and walked toward her.  She stepped back.  One step and then another until she smacked into the counter behind her.

He stopped inches from her and reached into the cabinet above her.  Eye level with his chest she studied his smooth bronzed skin and breathed him in, a heady mixture of soap, grass and sweat.

He retrieved an unopened bag of sugar.  "Is this what you came here for?"

"Yes," she whispered without looking at him.

He set the sugar on the counter and tipped her head up with a finger beneath her chin.  "Or was it this?" he asked, lowering his head.  As soon as his lips touched hers, she forgot about the sugar and the years that separated them.  She emptied her mind of all thought and surrendered to his kiss.

Okay, I probably shouldn't say this cuz it will sound like I'm making fun of my own story, which is really quite fabulous, but I wrote it a few days ago, and ever since then I've been cracking up.  I go around my house picking up random objects saying to absolutely no one in this silky wanton, possibly slightly lispy voice, "is this what you came for.  or was it this?"  Cracks me up every time and I love it!

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  1. He caught her lies with the kiss. I thought she would also drop her bowl...ha..ha..

    Nice to meet you!

  2. Hello. are so funny!

    I didn't know people still used the old sugar excuse!

    I actually liked this story...the way you describe the lines on her face, his jeans being older than he looked...all had me chuckling.

    A sweet surrender at the end. :-)

    Nicely done!

  3. Get the flip out of my mind! Just because *I* write about cougar love, and happen to have had in front of my scary old wrinkled eyes my son's hot new best friend as inspiration... well done! I'm ready to bake a cup, a cake, a something, right now.

  4. What you said at the end about saying the lines and laughing at yourself...I was thinking the exact same thing!

    Hot little story!

  5. Hi,

    I'm with Heaven: kept thinking that bowl is sure going to come a cropper!

    Hee hee, loved this. The combination of old and new and timeless passion.

    The vision of him mowing the lawn, reminded me of how useful reflective shades are!!!


  6. It surprised me he had sugar, well...the kind for baking! Nice interplay of language to highlight their age difference.

  7. A fun read! Now why does something like this never happen to me when I go to borrow something from a neighbouring hunk? Come to think of it, how come I DON'T have a neighbouring hunk like this?? Life isn't fair LOL

  8. I was surprised he had sugar too! I mean, he can't even manage to unpack and hang up his clothes. Apparently he bought the house from a widow who left all kinds of stuff should see what he finds in the bedroom!

    I have a feeling Emma will drop the bowl as the kiss progresses, or maybe it will be crushed between their bodies when his big strong arms circle her small frame and pull her close...hmmm...may have to write a little more!

    Thanks for reading and commenting everyone!

  9. I loved this story...but I hope I don't get started saying that now that you have implanted the subliminal thought in my head.

  10. Totally shocked he had sugar but not shocked at all that he made a move.

  11. I think I peed myself 415 times reading this one! Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs :-)

  12. I'm glad it didn't turn out that she had really just come there for the sugar, because that would have been awkward.

  13. Oooo, very nice! I love it. Good pacing, which is so hard to do, and very sensual.

  14. Congratulations! You made featured Writer of the Week with this post.
    I'm ringing the bells & tooting the horn; ;-)

  15. A fab entry. Now I know why you're the featured writer. Well done. :o))

  16. Oh my GOD. I love this. Love it. Looooooooove it.

  17. Oh wow, I was hooked from the first line. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I can see why you're the features writer this week. :O)

  18. Great short story!
    I used to love writing fiction, but college corrupted me and now I only know how to write theses and grammatically incorrect blog posts.

  19. Oh yeah, this one is definitely a winner. Smart guy, he saw through Emma is no time.

  20. Oh, lady - this is my kind of writing! I love a good romance that leaves the end to your imagination. So hot. And I had to giggle at your comment at the bottom...


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