Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My First Guest Post!!

I'm writing this a little later than I wanted, but...I'm super excited to say I did my first guest post today!!!  Please come visit me at Mental Poo.  I had seven kinds of anxiety writing at someone else's blog.  Seriously, almost had a mental breakdown.  But somehow I survived.  It's the closest I've ever been to being yay me!

This has been a fantastic week.  I'm on vacation, which means no one has yelled at me for days.  I hosted my fist linky on Monday.  Thanks to all who participated!!  You ladies rocked my world.  I was so worried no one would link up, like having a birthday party with no friends.

And...I AM THE FEATURED WRITER AT ROMANTIC FRIDAY WRITERS!!  It was totally unexpected and I feel so honored to be selected. 

Don't forget to visit me at Mental Poo, and leave a comment so all his followers will know I have friends and am not a crazy cat lady.


  1. Congrats on your 1st guest post! Will hop over to check it out!

  2. I followed you here from Mental Poo, glad you guested there. You're hilarious!
    I won't forget to check you out directly next time.

  3. BAAAAAAHHHHH I hate banjos!!! Don't ever ever ever watch Deliverance. It's god awful especially if like to do anything outdoors. I can't listen to banjos anymore thanks to that stupid movie... It's not even all that scary except I'm in Oklahoma and Oklahoma has this horrible stereotype for being backasswards and having cannibals and whatnot.... Unfortunately I think my extended family (on dad's side) my be the reason for those stereotypes... damn craziness...

  4. I've just started following you. I think it's going to be fun :)

  5. Girl, you first guest post and it's over a Mental Poo's??? You're a rock star!!

  6. congratulations for being the featured writer:)
    You totally deserve to be:)

  7. Really. You hosted your "fist linky"? REALLY. Coming on the tail of your HUMOUNGUS VAGINA story, I'm starting to get a clear picture of you. Very clear.


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