Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!

It's almost time for the Most Embarrassing Moment linkup!  YAY!!!!

I'm hosting my first linkup tomorrow, July 18th.  You have no idea what I've gone through in order to be able to do this so YOU BETTER LINK UP!

Woah, sorry for the yelling.  Another cockroach was making its way toward my vagina.


Oh, you must not be on twitter.  Yeah, the husband goes out of town and I'm left behind to battle bugs and a ghost.

The good news?  My vagina now has super powers.  

Confused? It's really not important.  What is important is that there's only TWELVE MORE HOURS UNTIL THE LINKUP! 

Or eleven, depending on when you're reading this. Or ten.  Or nine.  Or eight.


Are you guys excited?  The tap dancing penguin is excited.


  1. As if I wasn't excited enough for the link-up, you add a penguin!!! OMG I LOVE PENGUINS!!! Haha, I still haven't decided what my most embarrassing moment actually is. Guess this means I have a lot of thinking to do.

  2. I'm too composed to get myself into embarrassing situations. *ahem*

    Let me go make something up! ;)

    Beware the cockroaches!


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