Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Write to Pass the Time in Prison

Guess what?  I'm pregnant!  Or maybe just tired.  I mean seriously, there's no way my ever-expanding waistline is due to the fourteen pounds of cake I ate this weekend.

In all honesty, I've said I'm pregnant every day for the last six years.  I'm pretty sure that makes me a polar bear.

Remember when I said tonight was going to be the Sarcasm Award show?  Well sometimes I lie.  It's the character flaw I'm most proud of.

Listen, I started writing the show but then I used up all my energy cheering on the husband cleaning up the kitchen while I laid on the couch and tweeted that I was cheering on the husband for cleaning up the kitchen while I laid on the couch.  Exhausting stuff, right there.

Fortunately for you, I decided to write about why I write.  Because I know you've been positively dying to know.

I write...

Because I get cranky if I don't.

To scratch the itch.

To still the voices in my head.

Because the characters demand it.

Because my mind commands it.

For myself.

For my audience.

To find my place in this world.

To be remembered when I'm gone.

To calm the storm.

To ignite the fire.

To put my soul at ease.

Because it is the only thing I've ever wanted to do.

So I can be myself.

So I can be someone else.

The story I want to read.

To get away.

To capture the moment.

Because it is who I am.  

So my lovelies, why do you write?


  1. I write because my brain gets loud and that quiets it down, until the next time.

  2. I write because I'll probably go crazy if I don't! I love it!

  3. I think I realized something about my blogging just yesterday. I do it so I have a voice. That's all I'll say for now cuz I might blog about it!

  4. I write because it's what I do. If I bottle it up, I go a little nutty.

  5. For all of those reasons I'm glad you write.

    I write because it gives me a reason to be on Twitter all day.

  6. I write because it is like a power wash for my brain. If I didn't get it all out I would surly topple over because of the heaviness of my thoughts!

  7. Those are good reasons to write. I write to keep sane, to put my thought's down, to amuse myself and to have a little me time. Should I congratulate you - are you really pregnant? Here COngrats!!

  8. That's a comprehensive list! Currently, I'm writing at 3:30 AM because I'm on prednisone and it makes me manic. Unfortunately, 75% of what I write (which is brilliant) turns out to be the ravings of a lunatic in broad daylight.

  9. I write because I can. I write because that's who I am.

    Too deep? I write so I can practice writing funny shit in 140 characters on Twitter.

  10. I write for my mental health. Unfortunately, I'm still crazy. Guess I should write a little more.

  11. I write to document my life. My long-term memory is absolute shit, so putting it on paper helps.

  12. Love This!

    I write for so many of the same reasons but frankly I write because I don't know what I'm really that good at and I'm hoping that someone thinks I'm a good enough writer so I can eventually feel better about myself. So far...no luck.

  13. i write because my humor is a gift from god, that i must share with the world. it's my divine duty.
    just kidding! can i have some cake?


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