Monday, June 13, 2011

It's a Booby Easter! aka Award Show Time!

"Come on now and take a chance.  Come on please and do that booby dance."

That will make more sense later.  Maybe.  Probably not.

To be on the safe side, let's all just accept that today's post will make even less sense than usual.


Honestly, what is it with you guys and the questions!

Sorry, bout that.  I'm a little grumpy, having just returned from the state of awesome relaxation vacation-ness to the state of damn it, it's Sunday, vacation is officially over tomorrow is Monday in which I have 3 meetings aka 6 hours of potentially being chastised for breathing wrong.  Life is awesome.

Now that I got being a whiney wiener out of my system it's time for...triangle chime please (I was trying to think of something less cliched than drum roll...just go with it.)...the Sarcasm Goddess Award Show.


To get the show started, let's bring out our host Larry, the world's worst stand-up comedian.

First, allow me to say THANK YOU and WELCOME to all my new followers since the last award show.  You guys make me pee all over myself, which apparently?  I love to do.

If you're new here and are all, "what's this award business?" go to the top of the page and click on the little award tabby thing.  You'll probably regret you did, but it should make things a little clearer.  Or stranger.

The first award goes to the Father-in-Law.  F-I-L finally got around to following me after I threatened him by wildly waving a gun in the air.  Or maybe he was the one waving the gun.  Either way, he is now a follower and that's what's important.  As soon as he became a follower, he was all, "what kind of award are you going to give me?  it's pretty obvious to me which one I should get: F-I-L of the Year."  Yeah, no.  Clearly he is not fully aware of the shenanigans that go on here.  He's like an iguana who just woke up in the middle of a flock of blue footed boobies.  Speaking of blue footed boobies, here's your award F-I-L.  Congratulations.  You earned it.

Instead of being super excited by this award the F-I-L is probably all, "huh?  I don't get it.  my daughter-in-law is weird."  Instead of basking in the glow of this supreme honor he's probably asking my M-I-L what the return policy is on D-I-Ls.  I'll save my dear M-I-L the trouble and tell you that you're way past the return date, sir.  I'm here for good.  Lucky!

The next award goes to Micaela who has indeed worked hard for her award.  Way to work it, girl.  Way.  To.  Work it.

The next fabulous award goes to Stacie from Riley's Smile.  Let's all give Stacie a big hand for her award.  I honestly cannot think of anyone more deserving.

Get ready for the next award folks.  It's probably one of the greatest awards in the history of awards.  And it goes to none other than...Jacky aka Quennijax.  You go girl!

 The final award of the evening goes to Leanne.  The talents she possesses are many, it is hard to award her for just one.  But I think of all the fabulous things she is, this is the one for which she should be most proud:

Well my friends, that brings us to the end of the show.  I leave you with a video that will make you smile, even if it us Sunday and vacation is over and tomorrow is Monday and you have no idea what to wear to work and it's midnight and oh crap you hope you did laundry before you left for vacation but probably not because you were all "woo hoo, vacation! I'll never have to go to work again!"

Larry the comedian, booing monkey and super fat tiger drawn by me.
trophy pic from
booby pic from


  1. I love your drawings, particularly of monkeys. (I'm a little partial to monkeys, as that's my son's nickname LOL)

    Your awards are pretty awesome too!

  2. congrats award winners!

    I love boobies!

    the iguanas living nightmare is andrews dream come true. attacked by boobies??? yes, please.

  3. The Mother-in-LawJune 13, 2011 at 7:59 AM

    I love it! The F-I-L is on one of his infamous trips, but I can't wait for him to arrive at his destination and find out that he is now the leader of the blue footed boobies. That's what happens when you wave a gun around! By the way, do blue footed boobies live in chicken coops?

  4. The Mother-In-Law alsoJune 13, 2011 at 8:58 AM

    this video is awesome! I love the voice over--where do you find this stuff?!!! Herding crickets? I wish I knew the story behind that one. As usual, another awesomely wonderful awards show.

  5. The drawings are wonderful, as are the awards and the video? Well it just takes the cake! hee hee! Yay to boobies! Get that iguana! :)

  6. I love award shows! Specifically, I love the MTV Movie Awards, but this comes in a close second, or maybe third, but either way, I enjoyed myself.

    You bringing up blue footed boobies makes me think of being in grade school and my parents buying me an issue of Ranger Rick magazine. Heard of it? :-)

  7. Thank you... I am more awesome than an opposum


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