Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Red Dress Club Writing Prompt: write about a memory, to really mine it and write about what the memory means to you.  I'm not exactly sure I've written it memior-style, but it's a memory that's special to me.  People that are special to me.  That shaped my life. 

For you, T and A.


Only two kids at a time were allowed to go to Australia.

You could go any time you wanted. A self-determined time-out from spelling and math, reading and writing. You had ten minutes "down under" the table at the far side of the room. Ten minutes to read or draw, to whisper quietly, to sleep.

Only two kids were allowed to go.

Except for when the three of us went.

We didn't know who The Three Muskateers were, probably wouldn't have understood the phrase thick as thieves, but that's what we were. We talked, a little louder than quietly. We read, devouring The Babysitter's Club faster than vultures on road kill. We wrote notes to each other in a secret language. We giggled at a bad word in the dictionary. We ripped the page. Our eyes grew wide and we slapped it shut. Put it back on the shelf. Our little secret.

Under a table in our second grade class the bonds of friendship were formed.

Elementary, junior high, high school and college. We were T, K and A...all the way!

Twenty years later we live in different cities, have different careers, lead different lives. We talk, occasionally. The Babysitter's Club has been replaced with the likes of Nora Roberts. We have long forgotten the secret language.

We're not as close as we once were.

But maybe one day we'll take a time-out. From work and bills, relationships and kids. We'll run away. We'll escape. Not to a table in a classroom. But to a place far away. We'll talk until our voices grow hoarse. We'll sit quietly, side by side by side, and read. We'll giggle until it becomes a laugh. A laugh so hard we pee.

We'll just be. The three of us. Together. In Australia.


  1. This is wonderful. In a few words I saw you under the table, heads together, looking in shock as a page was torn.
    I could see you moving on.
    And then re-uniting, not missing a beat.
    Great job.

  2. I'll put money on it that Tab will cry while reading this. So sweet and well-written.

  3. Yes, my eyes welled up with tears. K- you have a way with words-I can picture us so clearly through them. The last line gave me goosebumps. Here's to the Australia of our past and one day the Australia of our future :) Love you my oh so talented friend!

  4. I loved it. you captured that age - friendships at that age - so perfectly! The dictionary, talking louder than quietly..all spot on!

  5. Thanks for reading everyone! And for the kind words!!

  6. Maybe that will happen! I hope it does. It would give the rest of us in similar situations some hope.

  7. So sweet. I hope someday this becomes a reality.

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