Thursday, August 19, 2010

This One's For the Kids

You all know that I started this blog because I want to be a writer and I’m trying to get over my fear of people reading what I write.

Well my love of writing has taken me down a new road.  Writing children’s books.  I’m even more insecure about writing children’s books than I am about writing adult novels.  “Adult novels” as in novels for adults, not trashy romance novels.  Although, I do think writing smut, under a penname of course, could be kinda fun.

I recently completed my first children’s book and I know I have some mommy followers, so I thought I’d post the story on my blog and see what they think of it.

Now mommies, you can’t just tell me you love it and would read it to your children because you are my friend and you don’t want to crush all my hopes and dreams.  You must honestly tell me if you would read this story to your precious baybee, when they’re old enough to understand it, of course.

A Fairytale
By Kelley Williams

In a land faraway where children play.

The sky is blue, flowers dotted with dew.

There is a monster who lurks and who stalks.

He waits for children to stray from their walks.

Run! Run! As fast as they can!

Before he fries them up in his pan.

A story so sad, but true.  A creature who eats, boys and girls too.

The End.

What do you think mommies?  Pretty good, right?  Not only is it entertaining, but it also teaches a lesson.  Kids, if you stray away from mommy, you will get captured by an evil creature, fried in a pan and eaten.

I pretty much just saved your kid’s life.

No, that isn’t necessary.  No really.  You don’t need to name your next child after me.  It’s all about the children.  My way of giving back.

Okaaaay, fine.  The correct spelling is capital S.a.r.c.a.s.m. capital G.o.d.d.e.s.s.


My mom is so cute.  When I read this story to her, she was like “and then the hero could come and rescue them!”  And I was like, “no, mom.  The story’s about real life.  How am I going to save children’s lives if I give them a false sense of security that there’s this hero out there just waiting to save them from an evil creature.”

It broke my heart to kill her youthful optimism, but she is….thirty, after all.  It’s about time someone taught her about the evil ways of the world.

All words and pictures copyright of Kelley Williams.  If you steal my stuff I will stab you in the face.


  1. Great story-I think you have talent as an illustrator as well. The pictures really helped bring the story to life. Especially the pile of bones in the last one.

    I am totally amazed that the word verification for this is moggy which is oh so close to maggy (ie?) which is (was?) your mothers cat who you happened to mention in this post (your mom not the cat). What a coincidence! I don't know why I have a habit of finding a correlation between the word verifications and your posts/comments. The internets know too much.

  2. The internets do know too much! They're spying on us. Maggie is still around. She is 18 years old.

    I'm glad you liked the story. Maybe one day I can read it to AJ.


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