Saturday, August 7, 2010

Overcoming A Fear

Today I did something that absolutely terrifies me.  I submitted a story to someone's website. Someone that I don't even know.

Laurence Simon has a 100 word stories podcast site.  Every Sunday he posts a new weekly challenge.  To quote directly from his site: "I'll offer up a topic or theme which you will use as the inspiration to write and record your own 100 word story."

The process is pretty simple and straight-forward, but I read the instructions no less than ten times.  I had to email him:
    * The text of your story.
    * Your site's URL.
    * What you would like the topic of Weekly Challenge #225 to be.
    * A recording of your story in .mp3 format.

Normally I would be like, this is a great idea.  I'm totally going to do it.  Then I'd agonize and obsess, call myself a failure, and then totally not do it.

But this time I was like, a story in 100 words.  That's so hard.  Okay, why not.  And then I wrote something, amazingly didn't think it was pure crap, and hit send.  But I didn't provide a recording of my story (he says it's not a requirement; he'll have someone read it for me), and told him I'm technologically challenged and also that my voice is annoying.  I could have just been like, "okay, thanks, bai."  But I decided to add a P.S. and say something along the lines of  "If you don't like my story, no biggie.  I'll probably only cry a little while."  He probably read that and was like, wow, this girl sounds really stable.

He posts the stories/pods on his site and then people can vote for the best stories of the week.  So...if I make it on the site, will you guys vote for me?  But you can't just vote for me because you're my super awesome friend or because you want me to make you a kick-ass award (I totally will).  You have to read all the stories and if you like mine the best, or think it's one of the best, then you can vote for me.  I hope at least one person votes for me though, or else bring on the fetal position, rocking in the corner, down a bottle of Xanax chased by my dear friend Captain Morgan.

This week's topic/theme was Everyday.  Earlier, when I said I didn't think my story was pure crap, it implied that I thought it was partial crap.  But actually.  It's sooooo good.  Best 100 word story ever.  Or possibly total crap.

Anyway, I'm totally loving this 100 word story idea and I've decided that every Friday, give or take six days, I'm going to give myself a prompt and write a 100 word, or less, story.  And I'm inviting you to get in on the action.  Leave me a prompt in the comments and I'll crap* a delightful tale.  I can't promise it will be good.  It is very likely it will be pure and utter fecal matter.  But it'll be so much fun.  Probably.

The prompt I gave myself today is Ship.

No Rescue**
By Kelley Williams

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.
As my ship beings to fill, this all that I can think.
Here and there my raft is tossed.
I hold on tight, my hope is lost.
Will I die by shark or water?
My last thoughts are of my daughter.
But wait!  What's that I see?
A ship has come to rescue me?
I wave my arms above my head.
How much longer can I tread?
I watch it turn, go out of sight.
And so I sink into the night.

I think in the future I should write a bunch of words on pieces of paper and put them in hat from which to draw my prompt.  Otherwise, I'll probably totally manipulate the process and come up with the story first and then be like, today's prompt is Clown Porn.

If I make it on the site, I'll post the link so you can vote for me read it. 

*I meant to say: I'll craft a delightful tale.  But I think crap is much more fitting.

**If you say this is a poem and not a story, I will punch you in the throat.  Love you!
Mah Book Progress: 0 New Pages, but as soon as I hit Publish, I'm off to write.


  1. Oh, you know, the usual...after a weekend full of anxiety and regret, I'm now ready to accomplish world peace and cure all the world's diseses. I'm sure the anxiety and regret will be back once I submit #225.


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