Thursday, August 5, 2010

Epic Day

If you were at my house right now this is what you’d hear: (Please read with a high pitched piercingly loud voice reminiscent of a four year old girl on Christmas morning who just unwrapped Tickle Me Elmo, or whatever it is that gets four year old girls really excited on Christmas morning.)




That sound?  That’s the sound of my excitement over having a new follower.  Internets, this is an epic day.  Not only am I in the double digits, but the new follower is none other than Beth.  Did you hear me, Internets?  BETH!

As promised, here is your well deserved award for becoming a follower, Beth.

But, the excitement doesn’t end there, dear Internets.  My (newly appointed) favorite follower Tabitha responded to my desperate, pathetic, attention starved whore request to leave a comment.  So for that, she earns an award.  And also because, this one time, she grew another human being.

Want to know what the scariest thing to google on the internets is?  Cellophane.  Below is a sampling of what I found.  There were others, but I’m honestly afraid to post them.  I’m pretty sure it would start the rabies apocalypse.

Bag of Crack?

Simply Disturbing

Is it just me, or does this demonic little child look way too eager to eat the blood her mommy is spreading on the bread?

And my personal favorite...

What the f*ck, Du Pont Cellophane?  Seriously.  What. The.  F*ck.

I plan on writing two posts today, so check back in a little bit for another awesome story by yours truly.  Leave a comment, get an award.  You know you want one.

Giving props where props are due...

Bag of Crack? photo from

Photo in Beth's award comes from Gerald Stephens via google images.

I think the baby with X boobs is an album cover.

Photo of demonic child?  Not sure where it came from.  If I had to guess, I'd say hell.


  1. I so love this post! And not just because I got an award. Yay! I got an award-soooo exciting. It will be placed proudly on the mantle. And I love the drawing-it looks JUST like me! I've always said I look better naked so thank you for that. The award could have been Winner Of One Time Having a Baby Penis Inside of Her, but like 9th step 52-could be taken the wrong way out of context.

  2. those images are really disturbing and yet, I can't stop looking at them.


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