Monday, July 12, 2010

Blogging Awards

Did you know they* give out awards for blogging?

Well they do.  And I think it's about time I received one.

I have a feeling that's not going to happen any time soon.  I think you have to have more than 12 followers.  Yes, I know it only says I have 9, but I have a sneaking suspicion there are at least 3 people***** who are not publically following me.  The only reasosn I can come up with for that, is that those people are afraid of awesomeness.  They know that by publically becoming a follower, their awesomeness status will increase by, like, a thousand fold, and that scares them.  And I understand that.  I too, was once afraid of being awesome, but every day I kept getting more and more awesome so it really became much easier to embrace than ignore.

There is also the possibility that those people are not publically following because they're like what's in it for me, besides awesomeness?  And those of you that do follow me (you're my favorite, by the way) are like, what more could they want besides awesomeness?  And to you I say, there, there, let's not judge them.  I say this because I understand their overachieving ways.  I too used to be an overachiever, but then I was like I'm awesome.  I'm done.  Example: my economics teacher said, "ooh Kelley.  You got a B on your economics test.  What happened?"  And I was like, "Uh, I'm awesome, that's what.  Awesome people don't need A's.  We make up our own grades.  And I got a grade of awesome.  Suck on that." 

Where exactly was I going with this?



Oh, right.  Blogging Awards.

I want one.  I deserve one.  But I'm probably not going to get one. Because I think you have to have more than twelve followers.  I know, I know.  The number shouldn't matter.  But I think the people** who give out blogging awards are more concerned with quantity than quality.  If they did care more about quality, I would totally win, because my followers are THE BEST followers.

Also, I think someone has to nominate you for an award and then a bunch of people have to vote for you.  So, I guess they**** have a legitimate arguement for the whole numbers are important thing.

And I'm not really sure when they*** give out the awards.  It's probably awhile from now, and I've never really been the patient type.

Thankfully my friend and fellow blogger The Bloggess has created awards for those of us deserving of awards, but probably aren't getting one any time soon.  (I use the term "friend" loosely.  I have never met The Bloggess.  She does not even know I exist.  She is my favorite blogger and I am obsessed.  So if obsession equals friendship than we are best friends forever.)

I'm having trouble picking just one of The Blogess's awards.  I covet them all.  And this is my blog, so I can pretty much do whatever I want. 

So drum roll please... here are the blogging awards I have thus far received (I have only been blogging for six months - give or take April when I didn't post at all - and I'm already receiving awards?  I'm pretty sure that's some kind of record.).

It's so hard to pick a favorite award.  I'm so honored to receive them all.  But if I had to pick, I'll go with the last one.

Which one's your favorite?  Go ahead, pick one.  You deserve it.

P.S. I tried to link each of these pictures to The Blogges's website, but no dice.  Once again technology, you win.  So if you want to visit her website click here.  Or you can access it on my sidebar.

P.P.S.  If the "F" word offends you, you should probably stay away from her site.

P.P.P.S. If you do not find her hilarious, there is something wrong with you.  Read this and this (again, if the F word offends you, DON'T READ IT), and if you do not laugh, get thee to a morge.  You are dead, and it's time to accept that so the rest of us can begin the greiving process.

*Who are "they" exactly?

**How do you get to be one of "the people"?

***Seriously, who are "they"? And why do "they" think they're so much better than us?

****Elitist a**holes.

*****There.  I've offered you awards for following me.  What more can you want!?!?!

P.S. If you become my follower, I will create for you your own personal award.  Yes you read that correctly. PERSONAL award.  As in you, and only you, will be the winner of the coveted honor.

Just to show you how serious I am, here is a award bestowed upon follower number nine, Sarah.  Please take a moment to congratulate her on this award.  She freakin' earned it.

Sarah's Award

Just to clarify - the fact that Sarah has probably never contracted rabies means she is almost as awesome as squirrels.  The award is NOT saying that rabies is almost as awesome as squirrels.  Honestly, Sarah and I should not have to clarify this.

Mah Book Progress:

0 Pages Written.  But I thought really really hard about writing.  That's gotta be worth something, right?

What?  It is?  Another award you say?  Can this day get any better?


  1. Way to go Sarah! I am sooooooo jealous of your award.


  2. Welcome to For the Love of Writing Sarah! Congrats on the award. That is so cool.

    Missy and Jeff

  3. Hey Sarcasm Goddess,

    I totally want one of your awesome awards. I am going to become a follower right away.

    Forever and Always Yours,
    the rest of the world


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