Monday, June 14, 2010

The Fall of Troy...Or that Other City

This message pops up on my computer screen every five seconds: Auto Protect Security detects Trojan Horse as a threat.

Trojan Horse a threat? Ya think? Inside that horse are a bunch of people waiting to burn down your city and steal your princess. Or something like that. I don’t really remember Greek mythology. All I remember is that Brad Pitt was jacked up and hawt and by the time it was all over, my shirt was soaked in drool.

Oh, and by the way Auto Protect Security, you’re a little late with the warnings don’t you think? The city of Troy could have used a little notice before that other city deposited a giant horse in the middle of their city. Or was it Troy that gave the other city the giant horse? I do not know. (I also do not actually know if the Trojan Horse story was part of Greek mythology or a real story or the story of how a condom company got its start.) But what I do know is that shortly after Troy, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up (I think. The timeline in my head is kinda fuzzy), so not only are you responsible for the fall of an entire city, but you broke up the greatest marriage in the history of ever.

Way to go Auto Protect Security. Way to Go.


  1. Is somebody posting at work? Must be a very busy day.

  2. I can never remember the specifics of that story either! Is it based in truth? Is it Troy that makes the horse or troy that gets the horse? I love brad Pitt. In gonna go find some school aged children and lure them into explaing it to me. I'll lure them with my charm and cookies. Heh heh heh


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