Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Friday morning

I couldn't find my keys. They were lost. As in forever. I searched everywhere. Turned my purse inside out. Retraced my steps from last night. No luck. They were gone. Forever. I called Mark to ask him if he could come bring me my car key. He was all, "I'm kinda busy right now." And I'm like, "Are you in a meeting?" And he's like, " No, I'm just in the middle of some stuff." And I'm like," Yeah well I can't go to work so you think you can bring me my key?" He says, "Okay." So I continue looking, leave the kitchen, slide on the floor in the living room and almost bust my head open. I think maybe I brought my keys with me upstairs when I got home last night and put them in my closet, which if that's the case, forget it. They really are gone forever, lost in a sea of clothes and shoes. I go back downstairs, walk very carefully across the living room, into the kitchen and look in my purse...again...because most often when my keys are lost they're actually in my purse. I find a hundred receipts, a thousand pounds of change, a crumbled up cookie, but no keys. I'm defeated. I've really done it. I've lost my keys before, but this is the real deal. They're gone. What a sad sad day. I start to walk away...but then...what's that?! Sticking out of the side pocket of my purse is a surfboard. And guess what? I have a surfboard key chain! It's my keys!!! YAY! Do happy dance, call off Mark, continue happy dance. Just kidding, no time for happy dance, I'm freaking late!

In summary:
I lost my keys. I found them. In my purse.

The End.

Dedicated to Amylicious.

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